Festival Faculty

  • alice
  • anna
  • mary
  • paul
  • peter
  • wash c
  • wash l
  • dan
  • iren
  • gilbert a
  • gilbert d
  • Alice K Dade, Flute
  • Anna Pennington, Oboe
  • Mary Wilson, Soprano
  • Paul Roby, Violin
  • Peter Miyamoto, piano
  • Carina Washington, Clarinet
  • Lecolion Washington, Bassoon
  • Dan Phillips, Horn
  • Iren Zombor, Cello
  • Anthony Gilbert, Viola
  • Daniel Gilbert, Violin

PRIZM Ensemble

The PRIZM Ensemble consists of a group of artists from various organizations and disciplines who are interested in creating fun and exciting performances and exhibitions with a commitment to arts education and to bridging the gap between the performer and the audience in order to enhance the overall performance experience. PRIZM is focused on bringing the beauty and transcendence of the arts to as broad an audience as possible.
photo by Chip Pankey