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  • "My favorite thing that I learned at PRIZM this year is how to connect with someone through music. We don’t just learn to play our instruments. We learn to communicate with people who have different backgrounds from us." - Jacob Saunders

  • "My favorite thing that I learned at PRIZM this year was to use more power to play loud on my cello, and to have the opportunity to play with famous musicians. I believe if we had more help with music making, from famous international musicians, we would all be successful. I wish the camp lasted longer!" - Casey Johnson

  • "The best part about PRIZM is playing with all different types of people from around the world. We learn so much from the musicians who come into town. Last year we had a South African violist who came all the way from his teaching position at a conservatory in Germany. He was amazing!" - Olasuyi Ige

  • "PRIZM has taught me how to enjoy “communicating with resonance.” The resonance is the moment right after you finish playing, and everyone is processing that the performance is over. I have learned that silence is the best part of any performance." - Mary Siqueira

  • "What I like about PRIZM is when you play music in PRIZM Chamber ensembles, you are really playing colors. We learn so much about making high level music from these great musicians that PRIZM brings in from all over the world. Next year, we have someone coming from Sweden." - Jarques Cole

Just wanted again to say thanks for the music festival. All of the faculty were so encouraging and helpful. Katie (violin) and Amy (guitar) loved it. They have been walking around the house wishing it was still going on. Katie said it was the best camp she had ever been to. Amy said she is saving her money to go in December. I will be glad to help then also.

Thank You!  Thank You! Thank You!

-Stephanie May (mom)


I just wanted to let you know that I had an AMAZING time at the PRIZM Chamber Music Festival. I was so inspired by you, your wife, Anthony, Daniel, Milena, Michelle, Daniel Phillips, and the rest of the faculty. I cried when you announced that you were going to end it early. But I cried more when it did end.I had really hoped that it would have gone on longer. My teacher, Mrs. Joy Brown Weiner, was so pleased to hear that you were directing this and that her very own previous students, Daniel and Anthony Gilbert were coaching me and other players. I went home every night and practiced. My fingers are sore but I feel I have accomplished a lot. I learned a whole lot more than I expected to. I am SO glad I went and cannot wait to do it again in December and next year and the year after that, etc. Thank you again for giving me an experience I have not been able to stop talking or thinking about for the past few days and probably for the next weeks to come.

-Alana Leigh Olswing (violin)


What a great start for an amazing chamber music camp!!!!   Sarah (Thomas) (violin) so enjoyed the week!  Thanks again!

-The Thomas Family


I just wanted to tell you again how much Zach (Sakaan) (cello) enjoyed the week with you. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for him, and as parents we really appreciate the professionalism, nurturing, and encouragement you and your staff provided. I've experienced several programs for music enrichment since my older daughter began playing the violin in the 90s and I team taught with local music teachers in the Memphis City Schools.  The PRIZM Festival was far and away the best program I've seen for young musicians. Thank YOU!  I am so happy to hear that the PRIZM Chamber Music Festival is here to stay!

-Cindy Sakaan (mom)


"What a treasure!" My husband and I were delighted last evening to discover a new, superb musical group in the PRIZM. This fine ensemble of first-rate, talented musicians is tremendously worthy of all the community support we can muster.

-Gwen Thomas from Collierville, TN