PRIZM Concert Series

col concertThe PRIZM Ensemble is a mixed chamber ensemble that includes a combination of woodwinds, strings, brass, and piano. We are proud to serve as a gateway into classical music, and all performances are fun, energetic, and engaging. Repertoire ranges from standard classic repertoire to accessible contemporary music. As an ensemble that is committed to chamber music education, a portion of all concerts includes performances by young musicians from all over the city.

PRIZM Chamber Music Festival

cmfUsing classical music as a vehicle to create a new community of musicians who come from all backgrounds and from all parts of the city, and giving students an opportunity to get high-level instruction regardless of their level of accomplishment, their education, or their socio-economic background.

The Festival includes 6 days daily coaching sessions from world-class faculty, un-conducted orchestra led by an extremely accomplished concertmaster with faculty serving as principal musicians, classes on topics including music history, music appreciation, performance etiquette, and solo instrument masterclasses (violin, cello, flute, etc.). We also present faculty concerts and joint concerts, where select students are given the opportunity to perform with faculty. We recruit students who are from public school, private school, and home school environments from various areas around the city. PRIZM provides scholarships for students who have financial need.

PRIZM in the Schools

pits2PRIZM in the Schools introduces high-level music making to students in underserved communities by giving them regular instruction from and interaction with professional musicians.

The program includes 6 weeks of weekly lessons, and seminars on topics ranging from concert etiquette, performance etiquette, bowing, to public speaking. The program culminates in several performances by students, and joint performances of PRIZM Ensemble and students.