fakirAyman Al Fakir is a French Horn player with the Royal Swedish Orchestra at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm, Sweden. He has worked there since 2000.

Ayman graduated from the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm 2002 and has been studying for and participated in masterclasses with Ib Lanzky-Otto, Frøydis Ree Wekre, Markus Maskuniitty, Geoffrey Winter and Andrew Bain.

Through the years Ayman has always kept playing in all sorts of chamber music groups from duos to chamber music Ensembles. With his Wind Quintett [ Fɛm ] Ayman
reached the Semi finals in the ARD International Music Compitition in Munich 2000. With the contemporary music group KammarensembleN Ayman has made recordings and participated in several festival venues.

In recent year, Ayman has appeared on pop recordings for Swedish artists such as Kent, Salem Al Fakir and the rap artist Petter.
Ayman is also an accomplished piano player, which he enjoys playing in his free time.